Basic FlashIP


This is a simplified version of the Basic_OTA sample using the FlashIP approach instead.

There is one application partition and one LittleFS filing system partition. NB. You can also use SPIFFS and FWFS.


  1. Set WIFI_SSID & WIFI_PWD environment variables with your wifi details

  2. Edit the OTA server details defined in the application file

  3. make flash

  4. Put app.bin in the root of your webserver for OTA

  5. Interact with the sample using a terminal (make terminal)


For testing purposes Sming offers a simple python webserver that can be run on your development machine:

make otaserver

The server listens on port 9999 and all network interfaces.

The current directory is changed to the firmware directory for the current project, so you could, for example, open a separate terminal window in the Basic_Serial directory and do this:

make SMING_SOC=rp2040
make otaserver

This will then be ready to serve up the app.bin image file for the Basic_Serial sample.

This sample should be compiled and flashed as follows, replacing with your development machine’s IP address and inserting details for your local WiFi:


Once connected to WiFi, you can enter ota to download and re-program the new firmware.



The URL for the application image to be downloaded


Environment Variables

SoC support

  • host

  • rp2040